PFS in Huntington

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–07: Trouble in Tamran (PFRPG) PDF Join us October 22nd at 2:00 PM at Hussons Pizza next to Marshall in Huntington for #7–07: Trouble in Tamran.  This scenario is for levels 1 through 5.  With the conclusion of the local convention season we will be returning to our regular weekly schedule.  If you have any questions about this event please email me at

Trouble in Tamran: Less than a decade ago, the Pathfinder Society established a lodge in Nirmathas, an act that infuriated the nation’s expansionist rival Molthune. The latter outlawed the Society soon after, and ever since Pathfinders have relied on smugglers like the Varisian entrepreneur Guaril Karela to slip supplies past the Molthuni blockade for both the lodge and the Society’s war-torn neighbors. Something has intercepted those shipments. Can the PCs uncover the culprit and save the Society’s reputation in Nirmathas?

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10/9/16 – Last One Before CharCon

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Preparation for CharCon has reached fever-pitch, but there’s always time for gaming on Sundays. Join us as always, this Sunday at 1 PM, for the following scenarios:

Tier 1-7:
Jerad Bailey will be running the exciting conclusion of #2-02: Before the Dawn. Now that the party has reached the ancient Azlanti excavation site, what secrets will they find within? Expect BIG surprises!

Tier 3-7
Tina Saunders will be running #8-02:Ward Asunder, a new scenario that takes the party to Dtang Ma, where they’re exploring the half of a temple that Hao Jin left behind, rather than stuffing in her demiplane.

Tier 7-11:
Trenten Samuel will be running The Darkest Abduction, an investigative scenario set in horror-filled Ustalav.

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Four Horseman 2016 Schedule

The Four Horseman schedule for the rest of 2016 has been put together. As of right now we still need GMs, so please post in the WV Pathfinder Society Facebook Group if you can volunteer. The following are our online resources:

Thanks for your participation and volunteerism!

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10/2/2016 – Tsubasacon Tsunday

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Join us as always this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following scenarios:

Tier 1-5:
Jerad Bailey will be running the first part of the Before the Dawn series, the Bloodcove Disguise.

Tier 3-7:
Dave McBrayer will be running The Traitor’s Lodge, an excellent dungeon crawl investigating the facts surrounding the disappearance of Venture Captain Thurl.

Tier 7-11:
Donnie Morrow will be running Wardens of Sulfur Gulch, a tech-based scenario set in Numeria.

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PFS in Buckhannon

September 28, 2016 under Events, Roleplay

wvpfsTuesday, October 4th starting at 2:00pm, I will be on-site for a Pathfinder Society information session at Nerducopia in downtown Buckhannon, WV. Come in, browse the store, and enjoy the chance for new and experienced players alike to get all of your questions answered about the Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, and the differences between home and Society play.

We will also be doing character creation, and registration will be available on-site for those interested in participating in PFS play. Pathfinder Society “boons” will be available for those registering on-site.

If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to shoot me a message here, or you can email me at

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9/25/16 – Warhorn Incoming

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Before I get into this week’s scenarios, I would like to mention that, for future weeks, we will be implementing Warhorn for player seating. Details regarding that will be announced at the store.

Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following scenarios:
Tier 1-5:
I will be running Voice in the Void, the creepiest and most unsettling of the Blakros Museum series.

Tier 3-7:
Rich Gay will be running Return to Azlant Ridge, a scenario that sends the party to explore lost Azlanti ruins next to the lost Azlanti ruins we found several seasons ago!

Tier 7-11:
Trevor Sacks will be running Shadows Fall Over Absalom, in which the party must try to solve an assassination plot against one of our favorite Venture Captains, Drandle Dreng.

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GM/Player Signups for CharCon 2016

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GM signups are now up and available for CharCon 2016 on October 14-16 at the Charleston Civic Center. If you are interested in running a table (or maybe several tables), please check here for what’s available. Scheduling four slots gives you the opportunity to have your badge purchase reimbursed — a way of saying “thank you” for all of your hard work. Our schedule includes several specials for those looking to meet the criteria for their fifth star without having to travel out of state to do it.

Players: tables are slowly, but surely being added to Constellation, which is the only way to guarantee yourself a seat for your preferred scenario, date, and time. The full CharCon 2016 schedule can be viewed here.

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9/18/16 – The Ides of…September?

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Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following scenarios:

Tier 1-5:
Tina Saunders will be running The Night March of Kalkamedes, in which the players will follow a sleepwalking Pathfinder agent to figure out the source of his strange dreams.

Tier 3-7:
Matthew Smith will be running Sewer Dragons of Absalom, a terrific romp through the undercity beneath Absalom.

Tier 7-11:
Trenten Samuel will be running The Flesh Collector, an investigation into a strange monastery caught in the middle of the war between Nex and Geb.

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PFS in Morgantown on September 24th

Please join us September 24th at 11:30 A.M. at the Four Horseman Comics & Gaming in Morgantown for #2-23: Shadow’s Last Stand—Part I: At Shadow’s Door (a level 1—7 scenario); bring your dice, bring your miniatures, and bring your character sheet… we hope to see you there!

At Shadow’s Door: The Shadow Lodge’s assault on the Pathfinder Society has come to a head in the Andoren city of Almas, where renegade Shadow Pathfinders have taken over the Grand Cathedral of Aroden, holding the Pathfinders and Venture-Captain stationed there hostage. You must gain entry into the overrun Pathfinder lodge and put an end to the open warfare within the Society.

* For Pathfinders who have played with us in Morgantown before, please remember to populate the Morgantown PFS Record on Google Docs so we can plan adventures going forward. This document needs to be kept up tp date, so please add an ‘x’ for played, ‘gm’ for Game Mastered, or ‘x/gm’ if you have done both. Thanks!

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9/10/2016 – When it Rains, it Puddles

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Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman in Charleston for the following scenarios:

Tier 1-5:
Les James will be running the perennial favorite horror adventure, Black Waters. Delve into a long-abandoned school and find out just what happened to the students who have been missing for 30 years.

Tier 5-9:
I will be running The Jester’s Fraud, a jaunt through northern Taldor, dealing with the actions of a particularly unscrupulous bard.

Tier 12-15:
Jerad Bailey will be running All for Immortality 1! No spoilers, just great gaming for those of an appropriate level.

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