3/19/2017 – More Pathfinder!

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Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following adventures:

Tier 1-5:

I will be running #6-08: The Segang Expedition.  Travel to the land of Jalmeray, also known as the Kingdom of the Impossible, for a trip to the jungle for some archaeological excitement.

Trenten Samuel will be running #8-14: To Seal the Shadow.  The team will be participating in a festival!  A reclusive group of Wayangs have decided to allow the Society to be involved in their yearly fair, but could something sinister lurk past the shadow-creatures’ amusements?

Tier 3-7:

Tina Saunders will be running #7-19: The Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts.  The team will return to the Gloomspire for further delving. Find out what lies deep below the cannibal’s lair!

Tier 5-9:

Donnie Morrow will be running #8-11: Forged in Flame, Part 2.  In the epic conclusion to the Forged in Flame series, the party continues their adventures, traveling to the City of Brass and wading through a morass of entangling local loyalties.

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