3/26/2017 – More Pathfinder, plus CharCon news!

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Attention all Pathfinders!  As we shift into convention season, it becomes time for a very important local tradition: the groveling of the Venture-Captain.   As usual, we will be supporting two CharCon events on the schedule this year.  What is unusual is the new date for CharCon’s main event.  The details for the two conventions are as follows:

CharCon Bonus Round:

May 6-7; Flatwoods, WV.  We will be offering 5 slots of Pathfinder across two days, 3 on May 6 and 2 on May 7.

CharCon Main Event:

July 21-23; Charleston, WV.  CharCon is moving to the Clay Center this year.  We anticipate offering 7 slots; 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Rewards  will be granted to GMs commensurate with the slots that they sign up for. If you are interested in GMming for either convention, please sign up at the link below:



As always, join us this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following adventures:

Tier 1-2:

Rich Gay will be completing the final part of Gallows of Madness, a 3-part module.  Despite the fact that it is the third part, the three adventures comprising Gallows of Madness are only loosely connected, so feel free to join them for this table.  It grants an entire level!

William Bumgarner will be running First Steps 1: In Service to Lore.  This is a classic adventure that many members of our lodge know and enjoy.  It was my very first scenario, and it’s a great introduction to some of the interesting NPCs that Pathfinder Society has to offer.


Tier 3-7:

Trenten Samuel will be running #6-11: The Slave Master’s Mirror.  The party will travel to Okeno and try to navigate the slave markets in search of an elusive enemy of the Pathfinders.  Good mix of roleplay and combat!


Tier 7-11:

Donnie Morrow will be running #8-04: Wardens of Sulfur Gulch.  When ancient Pathfinder journals are uncovered related to heretofore-unknown possible dig sites in Numeria, the party must travel to the barbaric technological wasteland in search of hidden alien relics.

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