3/5/2017: More Pathfinder!

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As always, join us at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following scenarios:


Tier 1-5:

Trenten Samuel will be running #7-07: Trouble in Tamran.  The players must figure out who is ambushing Pathfinder shipments to and from its lodge in war-torn Nirmathas.  Luckily, Exchange co-leader and Sczarni cousin, Guaril Karela is on the case.

Tier 3-7:

I will be running #8-12: Tyranny of the Winds, Pt. 3.  The players have been busy establishing good relationships on the Plane of Air, but when an ally of the Society goes missing in search of a powerful artifact, the players are tasked with figuring out what enemies they could have made during their adventures.

Tier 5-9:

Rich Gay will be running #5-03: The Hellknight’s Feast, a local favorite!  Join the Blakros family for a special dinner at which Absalom’s biggest wigs will be discussing whether or not to continue to send aid to the Worldwound.  Bring your best dinner jacket and a charisma score!

Tier 7-11:

Trevor Sacks will be running #2-26: The Mantis’ Prey.  The Society has uncovered an assassination attempt against Grandmaster Torch and it’s up to the players to protect everyone’s favorite shady information dealer.

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