4/2/2017 – Heresy! Get your heresy!

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Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM at the Rifleman for the following adventures:

Tier 1-2:

I will be running The Godsmouth Heresy, a classic dungeon crawl module that grants an entire level!  Find out what secrets lurk beneath the Temple of Pharasma in the man-made mountain city of Kaer Maga!

Tier 1-5:

Matt Smith will be running #8-14: To Seal the Shadow.  A reclusive group of Wayangs have decided to finally allow outsiders to view their strange customs.  Take part in their festival and seek out what secrets they have sealed in the shadows!

Tier 5-9:

Les James will be running #3-15: The Haunting of Hinojai.  The Pathfinders have found a great location for a new lodge in Tien Xia!  The only problem?  It’s haunted!  The party is sent in to de-haunt the haunted house and create a new base of operations for the Pathfinders.

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