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Pathfinder Society of West Virginia » Plundering, no I mean researching the secrets of Golarion for fun and profit. » 6/4/2017 – “Did You Just Call Me A Mere Priest?!” “No, No, a Razmir Priest!”

6/4/2017 – “Did You Just Call Me A Mere Priest?!” “No, No, a Razmir Priest!”

June 4, 2017 under Uncategorized

Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM for the following adventures:

Tier 1-5:

William Bumgarner will be running #5-01: The Glass River Rescue.  Join a pair of bickering merchants on a trip to Razmiran to save some missing diplomats and Pathfinders!  I’m sure that nothing will go wrong in Razmiran!  After all, they have a god living there, right?

Tier 3-7:

Tina Saunders will be running #8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose.  I would love to give you a blurb about this replayable 3-7, but I can’t.  Why?  Because it’s different each time it’s run!

Tier 5-9:

Jerad Bailey will be running #4-16: The Fabric of Reality.  The party travels to a demiplane that controls the Hao Jin Tapestry, but finds that it’s not empty like they originally believed.  Ask Jerad how many Scrolls of Breath of Life he used when he played this one.

Tier 7-11:

I will be running #4-20: Words of the Ancients.  In the penultimate chapter of the Lissalan Arc, the party must go to another Thassilonian ruin in search of the command words to activate a magical item so that they can stop the evil Cult of Lissala from taking over the world.  This is a great little dungeon with a very fun puzzle segment, and it serves as an excellent lead-in to the finale, The Waking Rune.

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