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Join us, as always, this Sunday at 1 PM for the following adventures:

Tier 1-5:

Rich Gay will be running #7-05: School of Spirits.  Join the Pathfinders as they delve into the mystery of a drowned school…one that has…GHOSTS!  Follow-up to Black Waters.

Les James will be running #8-22: Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen.  The notoriously reclusive Shoanti have requested the Society’s help with a strange door…one that’s said to date back to ancient Thassilon.

Tier 3-7:

Trevor Sacks will be running #3-16: The Midnight Mauler.  The party will travel to Ustalav, where they will be helping a retired Venture Captain with a small problem.


I will be running #4-26: The Waking Rune for a foolish group of Pathfinders who think that they can destroy a Runelord.  Watch as these pathetic adventurers fall to a being of true power.  WITNESS THE POWER OF THASSILON AS IT RISES FROM ITS LONG SLUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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