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Pathfinder Society of West Virginia » Plundering, no I mean researching the secrets of Golarion for fun and profit. » Announcements

Six Freaking Years! Time for an Anniversary Extravaganza!

December 21, 2017 under Announcements, Events

Six Freaking Years! It’s time to celebrate!

The WV Pathfinder (and Starfinder) Society started six years ago. I had arranged Pathfinder Society games with a small group of friends at a house in St. Albans over the summer.  We got ambitious and ran some games at Charcon that October. Even at the last minute, it was wildly successful and those involved met in late 2011 to discuss weekly games.  The first game at the Rifleman in South Charleston happened in early January 2012. Little did I realize how that meeting would change my life.

The group that we have built together is special. We have found friends which will last our lifetimes. We have grown to become leaders. We have learned new skills and artistic pursuits. We have made a real difference, helping support our friends through hard times. All of this and more built around a game of pretend played with toy figures and funny dice.  It’s enough to make me believe in magic.

It’s time for an Anniversary Extravaganza!

To celebrate we are going to do what we do best and play a bunch of Pathfinder! On January 13th, 2018 we are renting a site where we can come together and play all day and evening. We will be offering the kind of long form content that we can’t play easily at the store: Modules, Adventure Path volumes, story arcs and the like.  We will have signups on Warhorn to reserve your seat.  There will also be prizes! Convention boons, miniatures and more!

There are no fees to participate. Like all our events, all you have to do is show up.  Your presence is what makes this a success.

We do ask that if you are able, please contribute something to the group. If you can spare some money, we will be accepting donations to pay for the site and pizza. If you can bring snacks, dessert, drinks or other food please do.  If you have something that would make a good prize, please bring it.  We especially like it if you can share your extra convention boons with those who can’t make conventions easily.

I’m excited for another year of awesome. I can’t wait to see how we’re gonna bring it next year!

Event Details (TLDR)

Date: January 13, 2017


9:00 AM: Doors Open
9:45 AM: Mustering
10:00 AM: Games Begin
12:00ish: Tables can handle lunch based on their own needs
5:00 PM: Dinner Break – Food and prizes
12:00 AM: Finish Games and Cleanup


Running Right Leadership Academy
431 Running Right Way
Julian, WV 25529


See the event list and reserve your table on Warhorn.

Note: The final schedule has not been determined. We will be adding more as the GMs are finalized. Comment below if there is something you want to run or see.

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Starfinder Kickoff!

July 24, 2017 under Announcements, Events

Signups are now open for our Starfinder Kickoff Gameday for 8/27/2017. All players who preregister on Warhorn will be seated; people showing up without preregistrations will be seated based on availability. The number of available signups will be adjusted as needed, but no tables will be added after 8/20/2017. Please let anyone who is interested know.


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Happy Birthday!

January 18, 2017 under Announcements, Events

This weekend is our Fifth Anniversary celebration, and you are all invited. There’s no entry fee, so come enjoy a full day of Pathfinder.There will be fun, food and prizes! Yes, prizes.  We have confirmed that there will be miniatures, painted and unpainted. There will be two codes worth a library of official Pathfinder .pdf files. There will be player boons that you only get at conventions. We only ask that you bring something to help out.  Bring snacks or a dish to share, bring money to donate for the site (or pizza) bring something hobby related for the prize table. If you can’t do any of that, bring yourself.  None of this happens with out people to play or GM. Follow the link here for the time and location and details.

If you need a ride, there are already people looking to carpool in the Facebook group. Check there or leave a comment here.  No Pathfinder gets left behind, and it won’t even cost you 5 prestige.

We have some updates on the events though. If you want to guarantee your spot, you need to reserve, or be ready to sit wherever you can with no guarantees.

  1. We have added another table of Gallows of Madness for levels 1-3 in place of Dustpawn.  Sign up fast.
  2. We have 2 openings for House on Hook Street for levels 5-7
  3. We have 4 spots left for Feast of Ravenmoor for levels 2-4. This is a great module for newer players with investigation, combat and a nice bit of world background.
  4. In the event that The Ruby Phoenix tournament doesn’t happen, we will replace it with something lower level.  If you want to play levels 10-12, sign up now.

It’s going to be a great time. This is my favorite event of the year, so come out and make it awesome!

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Some Warhorn Real-Talk

January 17, 2017 under Announcements, Site News, The Rifleman

Salutations fellow Pathfinders!

January is proving to be very active for our Charleston lodge, and as many of you are hopefully aware, we have adopted Warhorn to assist with scheduling logistics.

Warhorn is a free, web-based event management tool geared towards gamers. It allows organizers (like your Venture Officers) to advertise events well ahead of time, and allows players (like yourself) to reserve a seat well ahead of the event. This data helps us plan for the upcoming game-day and for future sessions.

This most recent Sunday, we had two tables booked on Warhorn and a third with several slots filled. We were able to predict the need for a fourth table and were able to plan accordingly. We also know the demand for certain scenarios and can make sure they appear on our schedules again in the future.

If you are using Warhorn, we will do everything within our power to ensure that experience you signed up for is the experience you receive. If you aren’t using Warhorn, we can’t make any guarantees (especially brand new content). If you have a habit of showing up “fashionably late” (our official start time is 1:00pm), you may find your reserved seat forfeit for the benefit of the group.

The Rifleman schedule (through the end of March) on Warhorn is available here. If you have any questions as to how Warhorn works, please ask a Venture Officer for more details.

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It’s an Anniversary Extravaganza!

December 13, 2016 under Announcements, Events

These guys want to come. Make sure you register first!

What A Ride!

In 2011, on the heels of a successful Charcon, a group of interested parties gathered and put together a plan.  The date: January 15, 2012 The Plan: The first open Pathfinder Society game at the Rifleman.  The result: Massive Success! Each year since we have gathered together to celebrate the new friends we have made, the fun we have had, and we do it the best way we know how. Lots of Pathfinder! We are renting a facility for a whole day and we’re going to play and eat and have prizes and it will be a AWESOME! Make sure January 21, 2017 is available.

This isn’t just any Pathfinder though. We’re going to be playing the kinds of long form content that we can’t run at our in store events. Full length modules and adventure path volumes. The kinds of stuff that your PFS characters usually never see.  They are worth a whole level or more, so your characters will see a nice jump too. We’re starting with six tables for a range of levels. The specifics will be posted here and on Facebook. Registration will be on Warhorn. It will be necessary to register, as level ranges and slots may be limited. Read the event list too, you’ll find a bit of experimental stuff.

What does this cost? Nothing. We do ask that you donate what you can to help pay for site. Bring food, snacks and drinks, or a little extra money to help buy pizza.  There will also be prizes to give away. If you have any unused convention boons, or something that you think people would like bring it in. If you can’t contribute any other way, run a game, or help with cleanup. The most important thing to bring however is you. This is a celebration of everyone in our lodge, and if you can read this you are invited. Bring someone new as well; we will have something for everyone.

We will be using the same amazing site we had last year. It’s a 58′ x 64′ space for gaming. GM’s, we will have two screens that we can display maps and such on. They can be linked to mirror each other or display different images. There are laptops that can be connected to them if you want to just bring their files on flash drives and we have a printer/scanner/copier. If someone wants to use their own computers the projectors accept VGA and HDMI inputs. We will have the run of a kitchen/eating area as well.

And now, the details:


  • 9:00 AM: Site opens
  • 10:00 AM: Gaming begins!
  • 5:00 PM Break for dinner and raffle
  • Sometime late: Cleanup and go home


Running Right Leadership Academy
300 Running Right Way,
Julian, WV 25529

We will be dropping the wall and using two of these rooms.

We will be dropping the wall and using two of these rooms.

It’s at at mile marker 62 so it’s easy to find and there is a sign on the highway that says Running Right at the exit.

Current Event Lineup (Subject to addition and change):

  • Gallows of Madness (level 1-2)
  • The Ruby Phoenix Tournament (level 10-12)
  • Daughters of Fury (level special – Read the event listing)
  • Feast of Ravenmoor (level 2-4)
  • The House on Hook Street (level 5-7)
  • We need more! Contact me to volunteer

Follow this link to preregister.

Make sure to check back often as we add more games! I look forward to seeing you there!

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Schedule and Warhorn Signup

November 1, 2016 under Announcements, Events, The Rifleman

PharasmaA reminder to our Charleston folks, please check out our Warhorn site for your chance to reserve a seat for upcoming events, as well as let us know if you’re unable to play any of the current offerings. Registration is quick and free. To make things easier for you to find we have created a new page here. If you click on the schedule link above, it will have the links for schedules and sign ups that our games have.

I hope to see you at the game. Roll initiative!


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Four Horseman 2016 Schedule

The Four Horseman schedule for the rest of 2016 has been put together. As of right now we still need GMs, so please post in the WV Pathfinder Society Facebook Group if you can volunteer. The following are our online resources:

Thanks for your participation and volunteerism!

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PFS in Morgantown on September 24th

Please join us September 24th at 11:30 A.M. at the Four Horseman Comics & Gaming in Morgantown for #2-23: Shadow’s Last Stand—Part I: At Shadow’s Door (a level 1—7 scenario); bring your dice, bring your miniatures, and bring your character sheet… we hope to see you there!

At Shadow’s Door: The Shadow Lodge’s assault on the Pathfinder Society has come to a head in the Andoren city of Almas, where renegade Shadow Pathfinders have taken over the Grand Cathedral of Aroden, holding the Pathfinders and Venture-Captain stationed there hostage. You must gain entry into the overrun Pathfinder lodge and put an end to the open warfare within the Society.

* For Pathfinders who have played with us in Morgantown before, please remember to populate the Morgantown PFS Record on Google Docs so we can plan adventures going forward. This document needs to be kept up tp date, so please add an ‘x’ for played, ‘gm’ for Game Mastered, or ‘x/gm’ if you have done both. Thanks!

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PFS in Morgantown on September 9th

PZOPSS0305E_180Please join us September 10th at 11:30 A.M. at the Four Horseman Comics & Gaming in Morgantown for #3-05: Tide of Twilight (a level 1—5 scenario), #5–03: The Hellknight’s Feast (a level 5—9 scenario), and #4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild (a level 1—5 scenario); bring your dice, bring your miniatures, and bring your character sheet… we hope to see you there!

Tide of Twilight: In researching a recently recovered druidic lorestone, the Pathfinder Society learns of a powerful artifact with the power to turn men into bestial abominations. Amid claims of increased werewolf activity in the region, the PCs travel into the heart of the Verduran Forest to retrieve the valuable relic from a cabal of evil druids believed to currently hold it.

Rise of the Goblin Guild: When a monster is discovered on the grounds of the Pathfinder Lodge at Heidmarch Manor in Magnimar, an investigation into its appearance leads the PCs deep under the City of Monuments—and face to face with a burgeoning thieves’ guild.

The Hellknight’s Feast: War between demons and the civilized peoples of the Inner Sea region has broken out in the Worldwound far to the north of Absalom, but despite the regional implications of an Abyssal victory, many nations are ambivalent toward the cause. The Pathfinder Society, at the urging of Silver Crusade leader Ollysta Zadrian, arranges a formal banquet to be hosted by newlyweds Michellia and Damian Blakros, at which the society’s agents can attempt to sway the political opinions of Absalom’s movers and shakers. Will the Pathfinders succeed in securing the much-needed military support of Absalom and other nations bordering the Inner Sea, or will the crusaders and Pathfinders fighting on the front lines in Mendev find themselves standing alone before the demonic hordes?

* For Pathfinders who have played with us in Morgantown before, please remember to populate the Morgantown PFS Record on Google Docs so we can plan adventures going forward. This document needs to be kept up tp date, so please add an ‘x’ for played, ‘gm’ for Game Mastered, or ‘x/gm’ if you have done both. Thanks!

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Pathfinder Society at PopCon

August 24, 2016 under Announcements, Events, Roleplay, WVPopCon

The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society—a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil.

Please join the West Virginia chapter of the Pathfider Society (PFS) again at PopCon this 2016 year. Bring your dice, bring your miniatures, and bring your character sheet… we hope to see you there!

Over the course of the two day period, West Virginia PFS Game Masters (GMs) will be offering an assortment of quests and beginner-level scenarios. These are designed to accomodate new players who only have 30 minutes or so to try out the game, all the way to longer format games spanning an hour or more.

Come join a growing PFS community in North-Central West Virginia with great players, dedicated GMs, and exciting adventures; all ages are welcome!

Quests Being Offered:
– Phantom Phenomena
– Honor’s Edge

Scenarios Being Offered:
– First Steps
– The Wounded Wisp
– The Confirmation
– We Be Goblins

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