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Some Warhorn Real-Talk

January 17, 2017 under Announcements, Site News, The Rifleman

Salutations fellow Pathfinders!

January is proving to be very active for our Charleston lodge, and as many of you are hopefully aware, we have adopted Warhorn to assist with scheduling logistics.

Warhorn is a free, web-based event management tool geared towards gamers. It allows organizers (like your Venture Officers) to advertise events well ahead of time, and allows players (like yourself) to reserve a seat well ahead of the event. This data helps us plan for the upcoming game-day and for future sessions.

This most recent Sunday, we had two tables booked on Warhorn and a third with several slots filled. We were able to predict the need for a fourth table and were able to plan accordingly. We also know the demand for certain scenarios and can make sure they appear on our schedules again in the future.

If you are using Warhorn, we will do everything within our power to ensure that experience you signed up for is the experience you receive. If you aren’t using Warhorn, we can’t make any guarantees (especially brand new content). If you have a habit of showing up “fashionably late” (our official start time is 1:00pm), you may find your reserved seat forfeit for the benefit of the group.

The Rifleman schedule (through the end of March) on Warhorn is available here. If you have any questions as to how Warhorn works, please ask a Venture Officer for more details.

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A Gift Card For Your Thoughts

The West Virginia Pathfinder Society is looking for data… and you guys are going to provide it.

If you are a Pathfinder in West Virginia, please take a moment to take our Google Survey, which we will use to improve the Society experience across the state.

Those who perform the survey will be eligible for a $10 Amazon Gift Card, to be drawn at the beginning of April (I would say April 1, but nobody would believe me).

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Announcing West Virginia’s FIRST 5-star GM

November 26, 2014 under Announcements, Site News
Season 6: Year of the Sky Key

Season 6: Year of the Sky Key

It’s my pleasure to announce West Virginia’s first 5 star GM. This time it was for Andrew Shumate who is know on the forums as Netopalis. I had the pleasure of GMing his first RPG table ever at Charcon in October 2012. He has since become a stalwart part of the Pathfinder Society community and one of the pillars that keep the West Virginia lodge standing. He has run more than 250 tables in that time. He was in this year’s top 32 in RPG superstar. Andrew as become a master GM whose skill has far surpassed my own. He pays attention to the game’s pacing and ensures there is time for combat and role-play for each player, yet still ends on time. He has great rules mastery, not only handling obscure combinations with little effort, but also using the flexibility built into them to provide a fun and balanced game for the unique characters that come to the table.

I could go on for awhile, but I also have some comments from others who have played with Andrew.

“I had the privilege of being a part of Andrew’s fifth-star table, though I have at least twenty other sessions over the course of the past two years, with Andrew at the helm, to draw my opinions from. Andrew’s rules mastery is outstanding, and his preparedness at the table, even during game days he is not scheduled to run, is reflected by the high-caliber sessions he performs for his players. Andrew relishes the opportunities for role-play in scenarios, gives combat-minded players ample opportunity to shine, and is able to balance the two so expertly that it is rare that his slots go over the suggested duration. Away from the table, Andrew makes himself open to questions and constructive criticisms, and is always requesting from his players ways to improve. Andrew’s “capstone” session, Encounter at the Drowning Stones, is a scenario I have run before, and proved to be another quality session that I have come to expect and enjoy from his tables.”

“I have played at Andrew Shumate’s table and he does an excellent job running the Pathfinder Society scenarios. His knowledge of the rules is at a very high level and this provides for a very smooth flow to the game. He doesn’t stray from the parameters set fourth by the scenario. However, when the G.M. is given the chance to use his discretion, he handled things in a very creative, fair, and fun manner. Even when the scenario is challenging, it is a great experience. He is an excellent G.M. and deserves his fifth star.”

It’s an honor to make this announcement, and to have Andrew as a friend. Congratulations!

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A Whole Lot of Pathfinder Goin’ On

August 21, 2013 under Announcements, Site News

Gencon’s over and its time for me to get things back into gear. I’m putting the call out now for GMs and especially first time GMs. I’m going to put off the Shattered Star AP this week and run a normal scenario. I need additional GMs for this Sunday. We’re trying to work in Rats of Round Mountain 1 and 2 this week and next, so if you want to run them, speak up.

Next we have Year of the Shadow Lodge event in Princeton in two weeks. I need two more GMs to run the early slot and to run the special. Let me know now and we will work it out to get you there. I also brought home many convention boons from GenCon and we will be giving some away at the event on the 7th.

We’ve had great growth in the last couple months and to maintain this, we need more GMs. If you think you might want to run a game, PFS is the easiest way to get started. I can provide a scenario to run and any advice you need to get ready. Contact me and we will get you prepared.

Charcon is on the horizon and we will be hold a planning meeting for it soon. We’re scheduling 35 tables, and we will need many GMs to fill them all. We will also need many many players. Talk to anyone you know that might like Pathfinder, bring them out. It’s an exciting season for us, and we have many good times to come!

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It’s An Anniversary Extravaganza on January 26th!

December 31, 2012 under Events, Site News

Glyph of the Open RoadIn 2011, on the heels of a successful Charcon, a group of interested parties gathered and put together a plan.  On January 15, 2012 we held the first open Pathfinder Society game at the Rifleman.  In last year, we have added dozens of players, expanded our presence at Charcon, we have three tables every week at LLGC:The Rifleman and we’re looking to expand to other conventions and cities. It’s been quite a ride and a celebration is in order!

On Saturday, January 26th, 2013 we are renting the American Legion Hall in St. Albans and we will be running games starting at 10:00 AM and going all day and night.  We will be offering a series of full length modules that cannot be easily finished in the normal 5 hour limit at the store.  At this time there will be four tables but we will expand this as we get additional players.  If you want to reserve a spot, use the Event Registration link on the top of the page. Thanks to the generous donations of other players there is no admission fee, but we do ask that you bring snacks, drinks or a dish to share with everyone else.  The site has a kitchen that we can use.

Again, due to the generous donations from your fellow players a few unused convention boons are up for grabs and we we may have a few prizes available.

So far we have the following events lined up:

  • Realm of the Fellnight Queen for levels 6-8
  • Carrion Hill for levels 4-6
  • Low Level Track for levels 1-2 and pregenerated characters
  • Thornkeep for levels 1-2 with the possibility of going deeper into the dungeon if time allows.

We will add more modules as we have people sign up.  Please spread the word to everyone you know who might be interested. It’s going to be an amazing time!

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The West Virginia Pathfinder Society

July 13, 2012 under Site News

Glyph of the Open RoadWelcome to the new lodge.   There is a bit mess from the monsters we ran off to take the place but it’s ours now.  Make yourself at home and remember the three rules.  Explore. Report. Cooperate. Do well and you might just find yourself a place in the Chronicles.

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