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Pathfinder Society of West Virginia » Plundering, no I mean researching the secrets of Golarion for fun and profit. » Character Contest Winner: Cyclops

Character Contest Winner: Cyclops

May 7, 2014 under Announcements, Contest

Cyclops-x-menThe first winner for our recent character build contest is Jerad Bailey for his build of the X-Man known as Cyclops.  In this contest the challenge was to take the character from comics and movies and translate them into a legal Pathfinder Society Character.  Jerad’s build is interesting because while it has the iconic energy blasts, he concentrates on the character’s combat abilities and battlefield leadership. In these builds we will present how the character is built at level 1, all the important choices that are made as they level up, a synopsis of how they will function at level 11 and a brief background fitting the concept into the world of Golarion.  Click here for the level 1 build: Cyclops Level 1. If you have any thoughts about the build or would have done it differently, please leave your comments below. We are very interested in how others would do it.

Scott “Cyclops” Summers
LN Human

Scott, his parents, and his younger brother lived an oppressed life in Irrisen, one that his father sought to rectify. A daring escape left Scott gravely injured and his parents pinned down at the border of Irrisen, fending off one of the winter witches’ doll sentries. Fortune smiled as Scott’s brother found a group of immigrants and pilgrims making their way south, stabilizing Scott and getting them as far as Magnimar. By the time Scott had finally fully recovered, he was under the care of an orphanage and his brother had long since been adopted. The road to recovery was long, though Scott was tenacious. Scott’s special talents manifested slowly; the orphanage manager recognized Scott’s gifts and petitioned the Heidmarchs to allow him gainful employment at their manor. With the help of the Pathfinder Society, Scott has been able to come to terms with his past (going as far as to adopt the surname “Summers” to distance himself further from Irrisen) and his growing powers.

Level 1: Sorcerer (Elemental [Fire] Bloodline) 1

  • Elemental [Fire] Ray, Cantrips, Eschew Materials
  • Toughness (Human Feat)
  • Skill Focus, Perception (Level Feat)
  • Defensive Strategist Trait, Carefully Hidden Trait

Level 2: Monk (Martial Artist) 1

  • Deflect Arrows (Bonus Monk Feat), Flurry of Blows x2, Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike 1d6

Level 3: Cavalier (Standard Bearer / Strategist) 1

  • Challenge 1/day, Banner, Order of the Dragon, Tactician (Modified)
  • Precise Strike (Tactician Bonus Feat)
  • Weapon Focus, Unarmed Strike (Level Feat)

Level 4: Monk (Martial Artist) 2

  • Improved Grapple (Bonus Monk Feat), Evasion, AC +1
  • Intelligence Increase

Level 5: Cavalier (Standard Bearer / Strategist) 2

  • Order Ability (Aid Allies)
  • Scorpion Style (Level Feat)

Level 6: Monk (Martial Artist) 3

  • Fast Movement +10ft, Maneuver Training, Pain Points

Level 7: Monk (Martial Artist) 4

  • Exploit Weakness, Martial Arts Master, Unarmed Strike 1d8
  • Weapon Specialization: Unarmed Strike (Level Feat)

Level 8: Cavalier (Standard Bearer / Strategist) 3

  • Cavalier’s Charge
  • Strength Increase

Level 9: Monk (Martial Artist) 5

  • High Jump, Extreme Endurance
  • Body Shield (Level Feat)

Level 10: Cavalier (Standard Bearer / Strategist) 4

  • Challenge 2/day, Drill Instructor

Level 11: Monk (Martial Artist) 6

  • Bonus Feat, Flurry of Blows x3, Fast Movement +20ft
  • Greater Grapple (Level Feat)

At level 11 he will be able to function as follows:

  • Cyclops will have the ability to fire his optic blast several times a day (the Sorcerer origin/dip), but that shouldn’t be the defining quality for the character
  • The four levels of Standard Bearer / Strategist Cavalier give Cyclops some important features prudent to the character: sacrificing a mount in exchange for the banner feature sooner (allies are given morale bonuses to saving throws versus fear, and to charge attacks), as well as an enhanced tactician ability to give the party more options prior to and during battle. Full BAB doesn’t hurt, either
  • Six levels of Martial Artist Monk gives Cyclops an upgraded version of Flurry of Blows and the ability to go toe-to-toe with just about any foe
  • Feat selection includes Toughness (offset caster level and dipping), Skill Focus [Perception], Deflect Arrows (to avoid ranged attacks), Improved and Greater Grapple (melee control), Precise Strike (for squad fighting), Weapon Focus and Specialization [Unarmed Strike] (weapon of choice), Scorpion Style (disabling melee combatants), and Body Shield (using enemy momentum to damage other enemies)
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