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Pathfinder Society of West Virginia » Plundering, no I mean researching the secrets of Golarion for fun and profit. » Kaylee and the Black Dragon, or Intervention of a Dangerous Kind

Kaylee and the Black Dragon, or Intervention of a Dangerous Kind

May 6, 2015 under Nightingale's Adventures

**DISCLAIMER** Year of the Shadow Lodge potential spoilers

I do not claim to be a writer, sometimes I dabble with stories and ideas and this is the result of the special Year of the Shadow Lodge that we played at CharCon’s Bonus Round this past weekend. I hope you enjoy 🙂

They made a mad dash for the mausoleum of the Grand Lodge. Just as they were about to breach the door of the mausoleum, a wall of stone, ripped from the side of the building by a dragon’s tailslap, peppered the party. Preacher, his companion Riddywipple, Octavian, his companion Reaper, Copen, and Kaylee made it into the door but they had taken some wounds in the processes of getting past the dragon’s defenses. The dragon ignored the group in effort to try to protect her friend, Charvion, and the prize in the middle of the building,  wonderful gooey center, the Cage of Spirit Echoes. Kaylee wasted no time, the Angel’s Trumpet was overwhelming her good judgment and she needed to distract the dragon for her friends. After she released positive energy to heal her ally’s wounds, she stepped back out the door. Her companions started to search the rooms looking for the villain and his toy, save for Riddywipple who had a couple tricks up his sleeve, well, if he had sleeves.

You coward why are you hiding up there out of reach,” Kaylee exclaimed hoping to lure the dragon, Zythrustianax, away from the building and distract her enough to save the mausoleum and her friends. Several lines of expletives and taunts spew forth from Kaylee’s drug consumed lips.

The beautiful,old black dragon seems disinterested but glanced down at the little creature annoyed, unimpressed, she went back to focusing her guarding duties.

More expletives, more screaming.

Zythrustianax’s only response is to look down and suddenly become shrouded darkness.

Riddywipple from inside the door yells, “Look what you did, I’m so impressed, are you afraid up there now, you need a night light.”

Yeah,” echoes Kaylee, “you big pansy come down here and face me.” Kaylee chants the words that make the darkness dispel from around her clearly seeing the dragon again.

Zythrustianax, at this point, obviously a little annoyed flicks her tail, and with the greatest of ease hitting Kaylee and knocking the breath out of her.

Seriously is that all you’ve got, my grandma hits harder than that,” Kaylee shouts while healing herself again, followed by yet another series of taunts and expletives.

Zythrustianax clearly takes the age comment to heart and comes down crashing upon the young, beautiful oracle with the fury of a woman scorned.

Riddywipple gasped as Kaylee hit the ground, he knew she’s dead, all the life drained from her body. His instincts and prepared trick go off in a flash. Somehow, Kaylee was conscious again, even if barely. Unfortunately, the dragon still loomed over her ready to attack again when given the chance. Kaylee reached in her pocket and pulled out the small leaf and broke it in half. Kaylee disappeared in a flash and the dragon extremely agitated went back to her guarding duties. Kaylee rejoined her friends and they completed their mission. They stopped Charvion and his plot and Zythrustianax fled not wanting to be overwhelmed by the Pathfinders that approached.

After the dust settles, Kaylee found herself absentminded and alone wandering the halls of the mausoleum. She made sure to keep shielding her eyes, an after effect of the Angel’s Trumpet leaving her system. A young half-orc woman caught her eye, just as they collided.

Sorry, I was lost in thought, I thought I was alone back here,” Kaylee says.

The half orc smiled and quietly replied, “It’s okay. Most people don’t pay me any attention, when I saw the dragon I had to come down and investigate.”

Kaylee noticed the necklace the woman is wearing, a small silver dragon above a beautiful blue stone that looks like water. She didn’t recognize the dragon, but she’s pretty sure that Zythrustianax and this one aren’t friends.

Apsu,” the woman replied noticing the gaze, “The Maker of all, the Waybringer, The Exiled Wrym. I follow him, and he aids me in my battles and explorations.”

Kaylee noticed that the woman beam with pride for her deity, a jealous wanting tugs at her heart.

After several moments of conversation, the woman revealed her name to be Abbigale, and even though some of the things she says seem to be crazy to Kaylee, they became fast friends. Abbigale told Kayle she was extremely brave for standing up to the dragon, and Kaylee revealed her addiction and that she normally wouldn’t be that bold, had it not been for the trumpet. Abbigale talked to her about Apsu to try to take her mind off the events of the day. Kaylee finally admitted to herself that her addiction has completely taken over her life. She decided that with the help of her friends, both old and new, that she had to change for the better. She knew she needs to get away from the city and politics for a while in order to clean herself up. Kaylee found her party from earlier and told them the news of her new perspective and introduced them to her new friend. She sought out supplies for the journey, and Bach, her favorite traveling companion before she started the longest journey yet.

Alone, Kaylee sets out on her trip, armed with books about Apsu from Abbigale. She decided to start at the beginning, back to the cabin in the woods of Cheliax, where she was raised to find herself.


Thanks for reading, I will also be posting periodically at www.nightingalespathfinderadventures.wordpress.com

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