Pathfinders Going Abroad

October 24, 2015 under The Rifleman

This Sunday at the Rifleman at 1PM, Pathfinders will be leaving the comfort of Absalom for new and exotic locales. Okay, maybe just new…

Dean will be running #6-08: The Segang Expedition (1-5). A philanthropist helps fund a very expensive foray into the jungles of Jalmeray, and you’re the lucky ones going.

Matt will be running #5-09: The Traitor’s Lodge (3-7). Pathfinders return to Nerosyan to uncover what other traitorous activities a former Venture Captain was involved with.

David will be running #27: Our Lady of Silver (5-9). Bring your best garb, you’re going to a wedding in Qadira!

Jerad will be running Emerald Spire Level 14: The Throne of Azlant (10-12). Pathfinders draw ever-closer to the bottom of the spire and uncovering the secrets of Nhur Athemon.

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