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Pathfinder Society of West Virginia » Plundering, no I mean researching the secrets of Golarion for fun and profit. » This week’s scenarios are Zho good!

This week’s scenarios are Zho good!

November 19, 2014 under Card Guild, Events, The Rifleman, Uncategorized



A bit of cold never stopped Pathfinders.  Join us this Sunday at 1 PM for a selection of 4 adventures sure to test your mettle.  First, for levels 1-5, we have Trevor Sacks running The Goblinblood Dead.  Pathfinders will be investigating attacks on caravans in war-torn Isger, the languishing vassal state of Cheliax.  Next, for levels 3-5, we have Jerad Bailey running the next level of the Emerald Spire: The Drowned Level.  Snorkels will be provided.  Third, we have one of the newest PFS scenarios.  Les James will be running Valley of the Veiled Flame for levels 5-9.  A team of Pathfinders will be dispatched on an expedition to the Zho mountains to recover missing allies and investigate a strange illusion. Finally, for levels 5-9, Trenten Samuel will be running the second part of the Glories of the Past arc: The Price of Friendship.  This adventure will take you to the Orc city of Urglin, where the Pathfinders must sniff out the trail of the mysterious Eando Kline.

Additionally, as scenarios wrap up, we will be doing Scenario 2 of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Lone Shark. Missed Scenario 1?  Don’t worry!  You can jump into the adventure at any point without missing anything.  We’ll also have pregenerated decks available.

About #3-23, The Goblinblood Dead:

More than a decade has passed since the Goblinblood Wars left the nation of Isger in shambles, and the Pathfinder Society uses the many abandoned roads through the county’s interior to smuggle valuable relics. But when a series of attacks on the Varisian caravans carrying the illicit cargo puts the route in jeopardy, it falls to the PCs to investigate and rid the region of the threat to the Society’s operations.


About the Emerald Spire Superdungeon:

Different levels of the dungeons connect to extraplanar locales. Here, the Spire’s influence creates natural portals to the Plane of Water. Most of these are no larger than a coin, but their constant flow has left the level mostly flooded.

Originally, this level was a simple set of storerooms and guardrooms dating back to Nhur Athemon’s early expeditions. Two centuries ago, a clan of derros who occupied this level and the sixth level studied the Spire’s planar influence and tried to alter the local affinity for the Plane of Water to something more useful. Their experiments, however, ended up multiplying the portals to that plane and drowned this level in a flood that never receded.

The current inhabitants are aquatic animals and elemental creatures who like the level the way it is. These include a trio of undine spellcasters the serpentfolk of Vissk-Thar have secretly suborned, intending to turn them against their enemies.

About #6-07, The Valley of Veiled Flame:

For years a Pathfinder team has surveyed Qadira’s Zho Mountains in an attempt to reconcile its twisting valleys with a series of old maps recovered years ago on the Silken Way. When the team disappears soon after reporting a strange illusory effect in a mountain pass, the Society sends the PCs—funded by an unusual benefactor—to uncover whatever is hidden in those peaks and rescue the agents.

Content in “Valley of Veiled Flame” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Liberty’s Edge and Silver Crusade factions.


About #4-24, Glories of the Past Part 2: The Price of Friendship:

The Pathfinder Society has discovered the hint of a monumental revelation, but in order to confirm their find, they must send a team of agents into the dangerous and unwelcoming orc-ruled Hold of Belkzen. While an expedition could easily be dispatched to the orc capital of Urgir, the Decemvirate urges caution to ensure success. Thus, a team of Pathfinders must seek out a guide in the Varisian orc city of Urglin. Can they navigate the treacherous city of denizens who wouldn’t mind seeing them dead, or will the orcs’ Second Home be the site of their final mission?

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