Two Week Warning – X-Men Character Contest

March 19, 2014 under Announcements, Contest

This is a reminder that the deadline for entries in our X-Men character contest is in two weeks. Send your builds for a Pathfinder version of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast, Colossus and Storm to before the deadline to enter.  You can enter once for each character for up to six chances to win a miniature the winning character.  Full rules can be found here.

There have already been a few entries, and I’ve heard many very fun ideas for these characters.   It’s not any harder than planning out a new PFS character.  Show us playable stats, either as a stat block, or character sheet. Show how you level the character to 11th level, and what feats and powers you pick at each level. Show us what the character is like at 11th level, either as a stat block or a brief description of how the character plays once it has all of the necessary powers and abilities to be the x-character you picked. Finally, give a short background for your character, making their story fit the Golarion campaign setting. The back story doesn’t have to be long, just a few sentences like what would appear on a pregenerated character. We will not be disqualifying people just because something is not up to a certain standard as long as we can tell what’s going on.

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